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Getting error for select Hyperion application: EPMLCM-13000: Service currently not available

User_C5MQLJun 3 2020 — edited Jun 4 2020

Hello experts,

We are on EPM / On premise servers / distributed / Windows 2008 R2.

We are getting below error, while opening HFM dimension library:

An error was encountered by the CAS Security Provider: EPMCSS-00301: Failed to authenticate user. Invalid credentials. Enter valid credentials.

This issue is for both Native and MSAD users.

We also checked load balancer (EPM components are on distributed environment), but responsible team informed us there is no issue there.

We also checked epm.conf, and compared it with a backup version from time there was no issue - no change.

We also found out:

In Shared Services, we are receiving “EPMLCM-13000: Service currently not available” error while checking with Shared Services artifacts.

But, in the back-end EPMA services are up and running.

We also observed that Shared Services artifacts are opening for ESSBASE App but not to HFM, PLANNING and FDMEE from Shared Services.

Could you please provide some pointers as to why it might have happened?

We did a lot of research on Oracle community and testing, but couldn't find anything relevant to our case.

Thanks in advance.