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Getting current active grid + active row

user-zt7kuJul 31 2023

Dear experts,

Is there a way, in APEX, to identify which grid/table and which record in that grid/table is currently activated by the user?

The reasoning is the following: Every table which we have, has a couple of columns to track the latest update/insert. So we have for example: DATE_LAST_UPDATE and USER_LAST_UPDATE. Those variables are present in almost every table, and we would like to create a generic modal dialog page to display these. However, the modal dialog page will need to know which table it has to look into, and which record.

But an apex page can have more than 1 grid (or no grid at all, but in that case the modal dialog page shouldn't show anything), and we would need to know which one is activated (clicked in a cell/row) by the user. I'm guessing this isn't standard APEX, so probably will have to go to javascript for this?

Any thoughts/suggestions?

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Added on Jul 31 2023