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Get value from apex_item.text from a report

3169113Oct 23 2017

Hi, I have a problem to get the value of a apex_item.text in a report.The goal is to get the value of the text field to update a table. This field is independant via the table. This is  my report code.

select distinct dt_site as "SITE",

dt_id as "DAILYTOUR",

ldt_id as "IDENTIFIANT",

ldt_question as "QUESTION",

apex_item.checkbox(1,ldt_id,'UNCHECKED') "REPONSE",

apex_item.hidden(2, null) || apex_item.text(3,null, 30) as "COMMENTAIRE"

from dailytour, ldailytour where dt_site = :SESSION_SITE and dt_id = :P3_FDT_DAILYTOUR and ldt_site = dt_site and ldt_dailytour = dt_id;

I create a DA to change the value of apex_item.hidden(2, null). The DA works fine but this is impossible to get the value of the text field.

Event: Change

Type: jQuery Selector

jQuery Selector: #FORMULAIRE [type="text"]

True action: Set Value

Set Type: JavaScript Expression

JavaScript Expression: this.triggeringElement.value

Suppress Change Event: Yes

Selection Type: JavaScript Expression Item: $(this.triggeringElement).prevAll('[type="hidden"]')

I try the .text solution but not works. When i try this.triggeringElement.value.length it returns 0.

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Added on Oct 23 2017