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Get Started: Java Embedded & Java ME

David Lopez-JavaFeb 21 2016 — edited Feb 21 2016

    Java Embedded and Java ME

From printers and bank machines to e-book readers and cars, Java technology is predominant in today’s embedded systems. It's in 5 billion SIMs and Smart Cards, 3 billion mobile handsets, 80 million TV devices, including every Blu-ray player shipped, and many other embedded solutions. Three technologies are designed for embedded systems: Java SE Embedded for devices with 32MB; Java ME Embedded for devices with 8MB and Java Embedded Suite for devices connecting to a database. Java ME is an environment for applications running on mobile and embedded systems.

In the video below, learn about the 10 top features of Java 8

     Java SE Embedded and small devices
In the Java Magazine Internet of Things (IoT) issue, Henrik Stahl discusses IoT for Java developers. Learn how to build smart home applications with the Eclipse SmartHome project, a flexible opensource platform for building mass-market solutions. In his blog, Java architect Hinkmond Wong describes IoT technologies and how to create innovative Java and IoT projects.

Lego Mindstorms EV3 kits are a great way to start programming sensors with Java. Videos, guide and downloads are available here. Another way to start is with the Raspberry Pi, a single computer board. In an article, Java Evangelist Angela Caicedo explains "how to become an embedded developer in minutes." A video series from Senior Engineer Vinicius Senger walk you through the ins and outs of the Raspberry Pi and how to build a project.

Java developers gave detailed JavaOne talks about building applications with small open-source devices such as Arduino, Nao Robot, Raspberry Pi and more.  Here is the list of talks you can watch for free at JavaOne Technical Sessions:   
  • How to Talk to Your House [CON11218]
  • James Gosling, Robots, the Raspberry Pi, and Small Devices [UGF8907]
  • Java Speaks the Language of the Internet of Things [CON11348]
  • Internet of Things Magic Show [CON4636]
  • Smart Homes for the Masses [CON3213]
  • Bridging the Worlds of IT and Robotics [CON3922]
  • Fiction or Reality? Gesture Control and the New Wave of 3-D Camera Devices [CON2526]
  • Having Fun with NAO Robot and Java [HOL12424]
  • Programming the Real World [CON6378]
  • Have a Raspberry Pi? Make Your Own Connected Smart Sensor with Java ME Embedded [HOL3982]

Programming with Java ME on mobile devices
Start creating and running a first application with Java ME learning resources. To develop Java ME Embedded applications with the Raspberry Pi follow the Oracle Learning Library tutorial series. Take for free the first two lessons of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Java ME development on the Raspberry Pi. In an article, Jose Cruz describes how to connect sensors to the Raspberry Pi and control them with Java. Agus Kurniawan wrote the book tittled: Getting Started with Java ME Embedded 8 and Raspberry Pi
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