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get application ip and port using expression language

JuwMar 6 2014 — edited Mar 7 2014

hi gurus, is it possible to get application ip and port using expression language / FacesContext ?

example :

i have application with url :

i can get "MyApp" (Context Root) using #{facesContext.externalContext.requestContextPath}

but i want get the using EL.

if it's not possible using EL, can i get it using javascript / java code in jspx ?

what am i achieving here is, i want to store several image in server folder, and then i will have my servlet to read that image from server folder and use that image as background image of the panelgrouplayout.

i want to store that image in a folder so user can update that image easily than store that image in DB / application package

thanks before

This post has been answered by Frank Nimphius-Oracle on Mar 7 2014
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