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Geocoded Address Page Item

JessicaWilsonNov 11 2022 — edited Nov 11 2022

Using Version 22.1.6
I am trying to work with the "Geocoded Address" item. I have it working with the "Automatic" option to trigger the geocoding with some minor adjustments (the city doesn't come back in the city field, it's putting county in there, so I had to write a DA to get the right city field). The problem is that I just don't like the implementation of having to submit the page twice - the first one generates the geocoding and the second submits the data. I see that it can be triggered with a DA or a JQuery selector, but I can't find any documentation on how to use these options. Has anyone found a good method to use this new item? I really do like the functionality, and I'd love to be able to use it. I did try adding a DA to submit the page using the event "Result Selection [Geocoded Address]", but that is throwing some ugly errors if the submit fails for some reason.

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Added on Nov 11 2022
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