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Generating raster data street name coordinates & which projection to use.

470360Oct 16 2008 — edited Oct 17 2008
Dear everyone

I am about to start the process of generating street name attribute data coordinates for previously georastered raster maps. I am doing this by creating shape files over the pixel areas containing the roads in ArcGIS and then converted the shape files to SDO using the conversion program Shape2SDO. Each shape will be linked to a street name. Does anyone know of an easier way to generate this information, possibly using Oracle itself?

The raster data itself is projected using an obsolete projection as that was the projection used by the map which all maps were then georeferenced to. However when the maps are eventually viewed by users, they will be reprojected using a modern projection, so that users will understand the coordinate system in use. The users will be interacting with the maps via their Web Browser, with the maps served using MapViewer.

I am not sure whether I should store the street name coordinates in the coordinate system using by obsolete projection or whether I should use the modern projection that users will be viewing the maps in. Does any one have any views as to which would be easier to work with when creating the PL/SQL programs.

Kind regards

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