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Generate HTML for PDF printing

User_E2773Jul 2 2021

First, thank you for your interest in my question. My issue is regarding printing a PDF document from my web application (JEE). Let me explain :
On my web application you can create one register, in this register you have many informations : company, staff, applications used .... I'ld the visitor to select one register and press one button to print one pdf document with all informations inside.
I started to work with openhtmltopdf and jsoup. It works fine when you are working with an existing html document in my folders but I want to work dynamicaly with a template and variables.
How can I just select one register (bean), fill my template with my register's information save this temporary file and generate one pdf document ?
Have you any links, tuto, suggestions ?
Thanks in advance for your support.

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Added on Jul 2 2021