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FXMLLoader issues with resources in jar file

jerry kramskoyOct 28 2016 — edited Oct 30 2016


I am having a problem with my application finding resources when the classes and resources are all in one jar file.  Up till now, I have just been using Eclipse without a jar and all works fine.

Now I need to use a jar file for deployment to OSX.

But with the jar, it fails to find resources which I can see are present in the jar.

I'm debugging this in Eclipse, giving the VM args      -jar ./webcontent.jar javafx.main.StartEmuso

For example: 

intervalColourPicker = FXMLLoader.load(getClass().getResource("/res/fxml/intervalColourPicker.fxml"));

This loads the fxml and a class is instantiated as per the controller class mentioned in the fxml.  But that fxml also includes an ImageView, with the image url given as

  <ImageView id="closeicon" fx:id="intervalcolourpickerdone" fitHeight="15.0" fitWidth="15.0" layoutX="363.0" layoutY="3.0" onMouseClicked="#intervalcolourpickerdone" pickOnBounds="true" preserveRatio="true">


        <Image url="@../artwork/closefile.JPG" />



In, the url is jar:file:/C:/androidwood/emJFX/webcontent.jar!/res/artwork/closefile.JPG 

/res/artwork/closefile.JPG is indeed the correct path to the JPG in the jar file.  But the Image.validateURL(..) throws an exception when it can't find the image.

I note that it uses

Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader() rather than getClass().

I tried changing my code to use this in the 1st line above, but makes no difference.

Any insight here would be much appreciated.

Thank you, Jerry

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Added on Oct 28 2016