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FXML + DisplayShelf Example

866629Mar 13 2013 — edited Mar 15 2013
Hi There,

I'm playing around with the displayShelf sample that comes with Netbeans and I'm dabbling in FXML for the first time.
However, for the most part I'm coping with it, but one thing is pissing me off big time. No matter how hard I try
with using the example in conjunction with Scene Builder - FXML, for the life of me I cannot seem to get
setOnKeyPressed in this displayShelf example to work.

Basically I'm using the example as is, inside the controller class the only difference is that I do not use the init, or start
method from this displayShelf sample:

Shelf shelf = new Shelf(images);

whereby ...

private HBox displayShelf;

This HBox is added to other layouts, hence the need to use it.

In FXML the displayShelf is a HBox, that has Focus Travsersable checked in Scene Builder. I even tried under the
Code Accordion tab in Scene Builder to assign a #handleKeyInput from my controller class. But even this has no
effect. Can anyone enlighten me on how to get this working?

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