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Fusion REST API for Credit Memos not returning data for some credit memos

splattNov 1 2021

As per Oracle's documents at I am using the REST API to look at Credit Memo information.
Whilst this seems to work for the majority of Credit Memos, it doesn't work for some.
The partial URL being used is (example based on credit note number 60114006)
This doesn't return any information for a significant number of credit memos and I can't see any pattern for those that are/aren't returned.
I know these are valid credit memos because I can see them in the front end and produce copy credit notes (via View Image) in Payables/Billing/Manage Invoices.
Does anyone know why not all credit memos are returned? I am doing a similar thing using the Invoices API and they return data for all invoices.
Many thanks.