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fullCalendar Drag and Dropn functionality conditionally

Rahul SharmaFeb 12 2024

Hi all

I am trying to explore if we can allow or not allow users to drag and drop calendar event conditionally. here is an example of that based on page 34 of sample calendar app;

below event should not be allowed to be dragged (updated) as the speaker is TBD (just an example condition, when dragged and left, should just return to its original position, with possible message that dragging is not allowed or something.

Below event (930AM to 11AM ish) has a condition e.g.: has a speaker Rahul and Jo Blogs, this should work as expected and send a message to the user that Dragging is Successful.

Plerase let me know if this is possible and we can achieve that, I could not figure out due to my lack of knowledge of JS.

many thaknks in advance,


This post has been answered by Karel Ekema on Feb 12 2024
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Added on Feb 12 2024