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FSAL with custom protocol handler across multiple environments

TiangMar 18 2024

Problem Overview:
There's an issue with keeping the Oracle Forms and Reports environments in sync, specifically with updating the frmsal.jar file manually after patches. This makes it hard for users to work in both development and production environments at the same time.

Details of the Issue:
The FSAL with custom protocol handler introduced in Oracle Forms and Reports requires the frmsal.jar file on the client side to be the same version as the forms server.
After applying patches, users need to update the frmsal.jar manually, which is time-consuming and error-prone.
This is especially problematic when patches are applied to the UAT environment first for testing before moving to production. Developers end up needing to switch back and forth between different frmsal.jar versions to access both environments, leading to inefficiency and the potential for mistakes.

What We Need:
Suggestions for an alternative to the current custom protocol handler or a method to make it easier to keep the client environments in sync, aiming to improve user experience and developer productivity.

This post has been answered by Michael Ferrante-Oracle on Mar 20 2024
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Added on Mar 18 2024