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frmxml2f.bat conversion error

User_PNQ92May 3 2021

In my project, we have decided to convert all the FMBs to XML and save them in source code repository.
In this conversion process, I'm facing an error while converting XML to FMB. I have followed the below procedure to convert FMB to and from XML.
Converted all FMBs to XML using frmf2xml.bat and didn't faced any issues while converting.
frmf2xml.bat overwrite=yes *.fmb
Decided to convert all XMLs generated above to FMB to check the functionality whether it is same or not by using frmxml2f.bat.
frmxml2f.bat overwrite=yes *.xml
During the conversion from XML to FMBs some files are giving a pop-up with message as "The program unit XXXXXX is already exist. Do you want to continue ?" and not sure why it is giving such kind of errors and those program units were sub-classed in objects group from parent object such as pll.
Attaching error message here. Can anyone suggest me, why it is showing such pop-up messages and what could be the reason for it ?
frmxml2f_error.JPG (16.99 KB)
Srinivas Makkina

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Added on May 3 2021