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Formatting of measures based on a particular scenario

734923Dec 3 2009 — edited Dec 3 2009

I have created a pivot report on which measures are on side labels (rows) and scenarios (having values Actual, Budget, Var, Var%, LTD Actual, LTD Budget, LTD Var, LTD Var%) in columns.
Rest dimension members are excluded from pivot and managed by dashboard prompts.
Var, Var%, LTD Var and LTD Var% are computed items on pivot based on scenario column.

Report is working fine but i am facing problem in adding currency symbol ($) as prefix with values of Actual, Budget, Var, LTD Actual, LTD Budget, LTD Var and '%' as a suffix with values of Var% and LTD Var%.

How can i do different formatting of the same measure according to different scenario values.

Please suggest.

Thanks in advance.

S Anand