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For the past year, I've gotten a code-mismatch on the Java SE 8 Mac Auto-updater

leftblank15Apr 20 2022

... in the Java Control Pane, of the System Preferences app ! 's [Objective Development's] Little Snitch v5.3.2 on macOS Monterey v12.3.1, is what I am running on a late-2021-M1-Max-BTO-MacBook_Pro, but other components, have reported this, too .
It SAYS that the updater, has been altered, but I believe that this is a simple code-mismatch .
Every time a new version of Java 8 SE JRE, or JDK, is announced, I have to MANUALLY install the new version, and MANUALLY Trash the prior JDK version .

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Added on Apr 20 2022