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First attempt at an app.

2612409Feb 15 2014

Basic summary: I did  a few months of computer science at university 30 years ago and enjoyed programming in Pascal - a week ago I decided to try my hand at it again and see if I could learn JAVA and write Android apps for mobile devices, after all, how much could have changed in 30 years right?

Anyway, I started learning from the Android developer site and wrote my very first basic program.

Since I often try to run before I can walk/[crawl] I decided to plug in my Nexus 7 and transfer the program via my Android transfer program and see how it works on that device.


I wouldn't know where to copy it or if it would even run properly if I did so I went back to the online instructions for running on a 'real device' ...


My device doesn't have those settings and doesn't show up when plugged in to my macbook pro

So I decided to simply try and run it on the emulator....


When I get to "b" regarding changing the directory to <sdk>/tools/ I don't see where the directory is or what command prompt they are talking about? Anyone know where I'm going wrong? I don't want to do things totally wrong but I also want to do it the easiest way possible.

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Added on Feb 15 2014