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Firefox > Embedded Flash swf not shown in asynchronous desktop

655847Sep 14 2008
Hi all,
in a jsp I embed a binary property of a content node that includes a flash .swf file. All that in an asynchronous desktop, using Firefox.

I use the follwing code:
"<embed scale="exactfit" quality="high" menu="false" width="600" height="400" hswLiveConnect="false" src="<%=myPropertyUrl%>">

When the page is loaded by "normal" browser request, the flash animation inside the jsp renders as expected. After click on an url (<a> ....</a>) inside the same JSP the portlet content refreshes (via Ajax request), only the flash disappears. After F5 it's back agian.

The problem does not exist with IE!

How do i need to handle this for Firefox?

Thanks for help.
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