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Find Conflicts

Renan BarbalhoDec 14 2016 — edited Dec 19 2016


I have a question about the workspace manager and I can not find the solution by reading the documentation.

My application works with workspace manager, today I have a database (LIVE) divided into 8 workspaces, I have done work in those workspaces, at a certain point I need to merge the information that was worked, however, the moment I I do the merge I'm getting a conflict notification.

In my application there is a method that makes the merge and in sequence it also refresh the workspaces, the moment I perform the refresh procedure I get the error ORA informing of the conflict in the XXX workspace.

How can I find out which workspaces have conflict? Is there a procedure or view that shows me this?

It's very bad that I have to stay in all workspaces and validate all XXX_CONF views to check a conflict, there must be a simpler way to do this procedure that I'm not finding in the documentation.

I'm using Oracle 11g ( Enterprise Edition 64 bits.

Anyone have any tips?

Thank you

This post has been answered by Ben Speckhard-Oracle on Dec 14 2016
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