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Filtering of values from a specific field

ManoMay 21 2013 — edited May 21 2013
Hi Everybody

We have a requirement where a column called "Role" will have a both numberic and character values in it.

Ex: 01 , 02 , .99 , .98 , 101 , PRM , PRS , EOS , PMS etc.

Now the user doesnt want any of these numeric values to appear in prompts where user wants to select the values while running it in a dashboard.

How can i restrict numeric values appearing for the user , so that they can only be able to see these characters instead of numeric values?

Please help me on this as this is a bit critical requirement for us to deliver.

Thanks a lot for your time on this in advance.

This post has been answered by JasonBaer on May 21 2013
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