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filtering fields in SQL

yoki78Aug 29 2018 — edited Aug 29 2018
I'am working with very large field tables, who have mostly over 30 fields and more.

It´s very time consuming, to write all required fields in a SQL Statement , even with intellisense support,

I'am wondering, why not exists table column filtering criterias in SQL, since nowadays tables are becoming larger and wider

They could be look like this or similar:

Select * MINUS field1,field2,field3  FROM  Articles      --all columns of Articles table, except column field1,field2,field3

Select +5*  FROM   Articles                                          --first 5  fields  of table

Select -5* FROM Articles                                               --last 5  fields  of table

Select *5 TO 8  From Articles                                         --all  fields  of table from  field 5 on, next 3 available fields

Select *5 TO   From Articles                                          --all  fields  of table from  field  5 on

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Added on Aug 29 2018