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Filter Table at runtime and retain uncommitted row changes

lhymelJun 30 2014 — edited Jul 1 2014


I have a requirement that has been pretty tricky to me so far.

I am using Jdev 12c first release.

I have an AF table that is connected to a ViewObject that is being used for submitting new data only.

When I add rows to this ViewObject, I set a field that I intend to be used for filtering so that many rows are not displayed at once.  This field is based on a LOV selection.

I want to be able to change what rows are displayed in the table based on what the current LOV selection value is.  This is not an issue for me, and it is working perfectly using a view criteria and a transient EO variable that I set up.

My problem is that when I select a new value in the LOV and change the view criteria bind variable, I want any uncommitted changes made to the rows to be retained in the View Object.  Currently, the rows are not retaining their changes, and I need to do this because after the user has entered in data for a large number of rows, there will be one commit to the database for all the new rows added.  Is this possible or must I seek some other solution?

I also tried using a table filter in the binding layer of the page, but I am getting an error that I cannot debug. It is marked as JBO-34014.  In this method, I try to access my bean in pageFlowScope to filter the table.  This bean variable is updated when the LOV selection changes.  Error Message parameters are {0=oracle.jbo.Key[-220 -225], 1=root}.  I have also read that this table filter is a static filter and does not apply dynamically at runtime.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks for reading.

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