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Fetch table procedure

Vicky007Nov 30 2009 — edited Nov 30 2009
Hi ,
i have 22 tables of name format as 'GenAgile%' and 28 tables of name format as 'GenMicro%' .

table format ==> Name std quantity release

i have to write a procedure which will fetch these tables which are of above format (GenAgile% , GenMiccro% ) and PCT_FREE != 10 from db .

after retrieving table list i have to
alter PCT_FREE column of each retrieved table (set it to number which is input to procedure).

can anyone help me out to form procedure as i am new to this PL world.

i try to form query as

select table_name from user_tables where PCT_FREE <> 10 and table_name like 'GenAgile%' or table_name like 'GenMicro%'

but i dont know how to get all table names in loop and use it in alter command to update its std column by input ?

please help me out.

i have to update col PCT_FREE of user_tables table to user input

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