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FDMEE - User access to bactch and data load rule details

AlexZhSep 19 2019 — edited Sep 19 2019

Hello everyone,

We have the question regarding to access of current user to batches and data load rules details.

We have the following process:

- User executes the custom script

- This script calls the .bat file which in return call the batch in which we have defined two data load rules

- When the user execute the custom script, they can see the process details only related to the custom script, but not related to the batch file and data load rule

- Inside the .bat file we're calling RunBatch.bat file and for the parameters we provide different user id (custadmin/password/batch name)

- Since because the batch is executed by custadmin, I believe the user is not able to see the process details

Is there a way to allow end users (not admins) to see the batches and data load rules in Process Details Tab?

Also we're not sure how to get the user id and password on the fly rather the hardcoded user id while executing the custom script, even if I do so the user id and the password will be spooled in to log file, if I'm correct.