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FDMEE Multi column data load

3020702May 23 2020 — edited May 31 2020


I followed all the instructions in the FDMEE admin guide to set up a multi-column data load. We have a source file that has data for 12 months in rows in a text file that we need to load to HFM. In Import format, I mentioned Amount with Driver as period and columns= 5,16. I created a data load rule to use this import format and loaded this file. I had no issue when I loaded all 12 months. When I ran data load rule to just load Nov and Dec, data in Column 5 and 6 are getting loaded to Nov and Dec where I expected columns 15 and 16 to get loaded which I found in the process log. Can you please let me know how do I specify it.

To resolve the above issue, In data load rule, under column header option I specified columns 5 to 16 as months Jan to Dec. When I click on save, column header option disappears and I am receiving below error [FMWGEN][SQLServer JDBC Driver]Column index 7 is out of range error. My source file is in text format and doesn't have any header. I am really not sure what is causing the out of range error.