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FDMEE Extract file not getting generated from FCCS

User_EMLHUOct 2 2022

I'm trying to do an extract from FCCS thru FDMEE and I'm not getting any file generated. It looks like the data from FCCS never got imported. I've all of the mappings except for Data set to one to one in the Like maps. In the log file form the process detail, it looks like I got the error of "ERROR_INVALID_PERIOD.............. Invalid period specified in the file." but I've period mappings specified from the source to target and set as "Default" in my rule. The other thing is that the Account is set in the Column header and not in row. Could that be my issue? The Account dimension in my FCCS application is set to Dense but Period dimension is to Sparse.
Attached is the log from the process detail.
Thanks for your help!
BelcanExtract_15780.log (48.22 KB)