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FDM Mapping Add error An invalid was entered the document (FM Account)

951367Apr 18 2014 — edited Apr 19 2014

What I Did:

Created FDM App in 9.3.1 version (While creating App it's asked shared services path, so it's independent fro shared services)

Configured HFM 9.3.1 Adapters

But not given HFM app name in FDM (Administrator  --> Integration setting --> HFM App Name ---> Since we didn't created HFM App)

Entered Periods & Categories --> It's saved even though not enable target

Locations --> Added

Import format --Added

Import scripts -- Added


When ever adding Mapping files, it throwing error as

Error: error adding new record

Details: An invalid was entered the document (FM Account)


Code---------------------------------- -2147196845

Des------------------------------------- this app is not resisted with shared service registry. Please contact your administrator

Please suggest your inputs!!!!

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