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FCCS P&L reversal issue

3813379Mar 27 2024 — edited Mar 27 2024

We are loading FCCS_YTD_input data to view dimension which is basically YTD data on monthly basis into our EPM system.

In the movement mapping we have separated BS accounts mapped to “FCCS_ClosingBalance_Input” & P&L accounts to “FCCS_NetMvmts_Income” . After loading there are certain P&L accounts where current month data is taken from reversing previous months data which is not correct.

Example : We are loading data for Oct, Nov & Dec.

There is a P&L account PL000351 which gets 100 for Oct & nothing for Nov.

The system is updating 100 for oct & reversing this amount -100 for Nov . Though its reversing its still balancing November which is a surprise. Now for December there is no data coming from ERP , but the system still reverses previous Nov data & makes it 100.

The december month balance is out of balance & we see there are several P&L accounts like this which is contributing for this out of balance. How to solve this reversal problem . Please advice

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Added on Mar 27 2024