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FCCS - Movements calculated from a FCCS_Mvmts_FX_Movement

Hello experts!
We are in the process of validating consolidated documents.
FCCS provides an FCCS_ClosingBalance_Input member to capture information. I am aware that this member is not consolidated or translated.
We configure the average exchange rate to carry out the conversion of the amounts, however when the information is uploaded to the consolidated ones, a movement is entered that performs a conversion with the closing exchange rate, this movement is carried out by the member FCCS_Mvmts_FX_Movement.
Why does the application calculate an adjustment in the movement FCCS_Mvmts_FX_Movement? It does this to equal the Closing Exchange Rate, even though I have configured the Average Exchange Rate. What is the purpose of such a calculation?
Also, is it correct to delete this setting so that my Income Statement shows the desired result? o How can I prevent this adjustment from being calculated and only take the average exchange rate?


Service:Enterprise Performance Management Enterprise CloudBusiness

Process:Financial Consolidation and Close



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Added on Feb 29 2024