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Fast formula - Absence Entry Validation

Cecilia (Oracle)May 21 2020 — edited May 27 2020

Hi Experts,

According to the client policy, employees are entitled to 3 days marriage leave per employment, the leave could be taken separately 6 months before/on/after date of registration of marriage.

I have created an entry validation formula to check the number of days that have been taken upon absence request submission, if the total taken is more than 3 days, error message will be shown and employees are not able to apply for marriage leave as the entitlement has been used up.

While I found that the no. of day taken of the employee could not be retrieved properly, please refer to the attached file for the created fast formula, I have tried to return the no. of day instead of the error message to further check the problems, it return 51 days which is far more than records that I checked for that employee (7 days). And the validation could not be done.

Would you please advise if there are any problem on the fast formula, thank you.

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Added on May 21 2020