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User_TEJ1ZFeb 3 2016 — edited Feb 11 2016


I'm trying to set up my PHP Applications with FAN Support. After about a week of unsuccessful testing I am really stuck and would like to ask here for further

help. This is my configuration:

OCI8 Version = 2.0.8

PHP Version = 5.5.23

Oracle DB Version =

Oracle Client Version = = On

I am using a new service with AQ notification = on

When I shutdown one instance (killing pmon or shutdown abort) my application gets:

ORA-12520: TNS:listener could not find available handler for requested type of server

I thought that it should switch the connection to a surviving instance. But it seems that it caches the connect information to the local instance/local listener but

as this listener doesn't have informationen about the killed instance my application receives ora-12520

Does someone have further hints on how to fix that problem? Thanks in advance!

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