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Failed to configure "Deploy to application server" under Essbase while configuration EPM 11.2 on dis

3329037Aug 7 2020 — edited Aug 7 2020


We are installing EPM 11.2 on our distributed linux server. Components are installed as below.

Serv1 : Foundation, Calc, Planning, HFR (these all components was successfully configured)
Serv2 : Essbase server , EAS, Essbase studio (Facing issue while configured "Deployed to application server" under Essbase)
Serv3 : Database 12C

We have successfully installed and configured all the components on Foundation server. But we are facing the issue for "Deploy to Application server" under Essbase.

Before starting configuration, we ran the RCU and edit RCUSchema propeties file as per the RCU utility on both server(made prefix as EPM on Foundation and ESS on Essbase server while running RCU Utility).

Please find error details in next update.