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Facing this error, while listing nodepool

user-hy1h6Mar 6 2023

oci ce node-pool-options get --node-pool-option-id all

"client_version": "Oracle-PythonSDK/2.92.0, Oracle-PythonCLI/3.23.0",
"code": "RelatedResourceNotAuthorizedOrNotFound",
"logging_tips": "Please run the OCI CLI command using --debug flag to find more debug information.",
"message": "Unable to retrieve required tenancy details - please ensure OKE service policy is set up correctly.",
"opc-request-id": "DC54364B75824D21A29153D45579782B/C9ACD8603B11CE78961AF9FE36E33FDD/182DA0816875E4B13F357799AC263DFE",
"operation_name": "get_node_pool_options",
"request_endpoint": "GET",
"status": 400,
"target_service": "container_engine",
"timestamp": "2023-03-06T10:56:55.188571+00:00",
"troubleshooting_tips": "See [] for more information about resolving this error. If you are unable to resolve this issue, run this CLI command with --debug option and contact Oracle support and provide them the full error message."

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Added on Mar 6 2023
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