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Facing this error, while creating oke cluster using terraform | oci is in free tier

user-hy1h6Mar 3 2023

Error: Work Request error
│ Provider version: 4.110.0, released on 2023-03-01.
│ Service: Containerengine Node Pool
│ Error Message: work request did not succeed, workId: ocid1.clustersworkrequest.oc1.phx.aaaaaaaakzn7t47geihf664lg43pjxcthulweovs6bohrumelwjum5tyeyia, entity: nodepool, action: CREATED. Message: 1 node(s) launch failure. Reason for failure on one of the nodes : Error returned by Unknown operation operation in Unknown service service.(500, InternalError, false) Out of host capacity. (opc-request-id: C4EECE73851F4AA8BD51EFD06D667D31/113B79BC26747B40F797A4A67AFEB9D2/A87BEEA22BE840F67178DA93306FBA09)
│ Timestamp: 2023-03-02T20:13:29.200Z
│ Client version: Oracle-JavaSDK/2.41.1
│ Request Endpoint: Unknown request endpoint
│ Troubleshooting Tips: See for more information about resolving this error
│ Also see Unknown API reference link for details on this operation's requirements.
│ To get more info on the failing request, you can enable debug level logs as mentioned in `Using SLF4J for Logging section` in
│ If you are unable to resolve this Unknown service issue, please contact Oracle support and provide them this full error message.
│ Resource OCID: ocid1.nodepool.oc1.phx.aaaaaaaadzgrom67im6njhnawfugfib63vjaydmrmzitqrdtonbqmhj3brpa
│ Suggestion: Please retry or contact support for help with service: Containerengine Node Pool

│ with module.oci-oke.oci_containerengine_node_pool.oci_oke_node_pool,
│ on ../../ line 53, in resource "oci_containerengine_node_pool" "oci_oke_node_pool":
│ 53: resource "oci_containerengine_node_pool" "oci_oke_node_pool" {

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Added on Mar 3 2023