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Facing issue with Timesten Maximum Connections

36edb740-8d27-4fda-a23a-430249c903bfFeb 19 2016 — edited Feb 19 2016


    In my project, I need to increase the maximum number of connections that timesten provides me. So, I changed the kernel parameter as shown below in /etc/sysctl.conf file.

        kernel.sem = 655 670720 128 1024

   The intention here is to get 500 connections max. But, even after this setting also, I am getting only 477 connections. I am not understanding why this is happening. Anybody help me to understand what is happening here.

   In above configuration, my assumption is that, 155 semaphores are reserved for timesten internal usage and remaining 500 will be available to me but this is not happening. Please help me in this aspect to understand why I am getting only 477 connections instead of 500 connections.

     Quick help is highly appreciated



This post has been answered by ChrisJenkins-Oracle on Feb 19 2016
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