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Facing issue while integrating OIA with Oracle Sales and Fusion service

user-7dlimSep 27 2023

Dear Team,

For our internal project, we are integrating OIA with Oracle Sales and Fusion services. As mentioned below, we have followed the steps.

A. Created a connection for Oracle Sales and Fusion on OIA hub.

b. In Oracle Sales and Fusion assigned topology manager role to user.

c. Configured security for embedded interviews by adding the URL and

setting the permissions on the OIA hub.

d. In OIA policy modeling, selected Mapping type as Load or Save to Oracle

Sales and Fusion Service

Even after performing all the steps, we cannot fetch the Oracle Sales and Fusion instance while loading the data. Due to this, we cannot map the parameters to OIA policy models.

It would be helpful if you could guide us in resolving this issue. If you need more information from us, please let us know.

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Added on Sep 27 2023