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FacesMessage are not getting displayed

892826May 26 2013 — edited Jun 6 2013
The h:form contains input fields, some of them has attached FacesMessage which are invoked using ajax. The h:form contains a submit button which is having an actionListener and an action filed-
<p:commandButton value="Submit" update=":message" actionListener="#{}" action="#{project.showResults()}"/>
The component which is being updated by this button is a PrimeFaces v3.5 component-
<p:growl id="message"/>
I noticed that all the FacesMessage are getting rendered except which are invoked by +actionListener="#{}"+ .

Since I am doing some I/O operations (time consuming operations) inside +run()+ method, which is present in my +managedBean+ named +project+. While performing these operations, I just want to notify to user about it's success/failure and once these operations are completed, I want to redirect to a result page.

How can I achieve this functionality ?

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Added on May 26 2013