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Extend the import/export Statement

Imran amjadApr 11 2018 — edited Apr 11 2018


Problem Description:

While importing an oracle schema dump from one machine to another machine for my specific task, i needed from oracle that there should be some parameter(s) in the exp/imp statement that allow me to specify some specific type(s) (e.g setup/master tables in nature of their data or transactions tables in nature of their data) of table(s) to be exported/imported.


There can be a flag on table level while creation or after where developer can specify that this table is a master/setup table in its data nature and another one is transaction nature and there could be more types of tables... so that when i start my export/import job i should be able to specify a parameter in the export/import statement that i am going to dump those tables which are master/setup or transaction in nature etc... so only those tables are exported/imported. It will ease the job when i need some specific type of tables to be exported/imported. 


Imran Amjad

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Added on Apr 11 2018