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Expression binding in nested oj-list-view?

Venkata Rahul SApr 30 2022

I have a pair of entities with a 1:n relation. For example an OrderHeader and an OrderLine. I use a REST service to provide me data for several orders and the lines for each order.
I intend to build a list of collapsible orders, with oj-collapsible and have no problems with that. Now for each order, I am using a oj-navigation-list with a template to get data from each line and show the lines as navigable items. For the navigation list, how do I create the dataProvider?
I tried this:
<oj-navigation-list id="activitiesList" drill-mode="none" data="[[{
new ArrayDataProvider(, {keyAttributes:'code'});
<template slot="itemTemplate" data-oj-as="line">
I cannot get past this because the framework cannot parse the expression inside.
What mistake am I making? Is expression binding even allowed? What is the correct method?
Please help..


This post has been answered by Venkata Rahul S on Apr 30 2022
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Added on Apr 30 2022