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Oracle Database Express Edition (XE)


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Express Edition 21c silent installation fails with SEVERE log entry

User_GP9H9Aug 5 2022

Hello all,
I am following the steps one-to-one, to perform a silent install of Oracle 21c Express Edition as documented on the official installation page:
Express Edition 21c silent installation
I downloaded, with sha256: 939742c3305c466566a55f607638621b6aa7033a183175f6bcd6cffb48e6bc3f
I have a plain Windows 10 Pro x64, complete fresh installation, no additional software installed.
Created C:\xe_temp
Unzipped all to C:\xe_temp
Left XEInstall.rsp as is.
Command Prompt (CMD) Run as administrator.
cd C:\xe_temp
setup.exe /s /v"RSP_FILE=c:\xe_temp\response\XEInstall.rsp" /v"/L*v c:\xe_temp\setup.log" /v"/qn"
Once all is done, I can connect to the database with sqlplus, however setup.log says:
WARNING: Unable to obtain the user in domain format, attempting with local users.
INFO: cmd.exe /c "C:\app\myuser\product\21c\dbhomeXE\bin\dbca.bat -silent -createDatabase -gdbName XE -templateName XE_Database.dbc -characterSet AL32UTF8 -createAsContainerDatabase true -numberOfPDBs 1 -pdbName XEPDB1 -sid XE -skipDatapatch true -ignorePrereqs -emExpressPortAsGlobalPort true -J-Doracle.assistants.skipWindowsAdminUserValidation=true -J-Doracle.assistants.skipAvailableSharedMemoryCheck=true -J-Doracle.assistants.dbca.validate.DBCredentials=false -emConfiguration DBEXPRESS -emExpressPort 5500 -initParams sga_target=1536M,pga_aggregate_target=512M -customScripts C:\app\myuser\product\21c\dbhomeXE\assistants\dbca\postdb_creation.sql -oui_internal -maskPasswords FALSE"
INFO: DBCA Process Pipes Created, now proceeding to read and handle the output
INFO: Output and passwords submitted to DBCA
WARNING: An error occurred while closing the standard handle for Oracle XE Database configuration
INFO: Oracle XE Database configuration started
INFO: Oracle XE Database configuration finished successfully
INFO: C:\app\myuser\product\21c\
SEVERE: C:\app\myuser\product\21c\

setup.log also contains:
MSI (s) (78:38) [14:17:41:831]: Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: Oracle Database 21c Express Edition. Product Version: Product Language: 1033. Manufacturer: Oracle Corporation. Installation success or error status: 0.
I did not find any further information in cfgtoollogs\dbca nor cfgtoollogs\dbca\XE files.
Any help appreciated.

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Added on Aug 5 2022