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Export RTF contet from CLOB via ODBC

JulianTBMay 6 2015 — edited May 7 2015


I want to generate a document - preferably *.docx - that contains information from my APEX applications.

I already have my database up and running with one table consisting of severalĀ  RTF formatted columns in CLOB fields.

ODBC connection between Word and the database is no problem either.

But I fear, that it is impossible to show the content from my CLOB fields in the "listening" program (Word would be awsome!) in their formatted form and not as simple text containting the RTF Tags?

As I still have to wait for the content (all tables are empty atm) I couldn't test it as of now - but I'm almost certain, that it won't work that way, would it?

Has anyone already encountered that problem and can maybe come up with a hint if it is possible and where I can find some help?

I hope I explained my problem plain? - I'm an economics guy who got thrown in at the deep end, administrating a small XE database now, so I'm not entirely sure if my terms are correct.

Thanks in advance for your help!



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