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Export query result to Excel file

lemalhuApr 14 2020 — edited Apr 14 2020

Hello together,

i have to work with a database now i got the problem that i have only readersonly function so i got no possibility to add an additionaly column. Now i got an idea where i want to export my query result to an excel file or into a R-file. So if there a way to export this would be great.

This is my little Code:

select reporting_dt, contract_id, sum(RATING_CONTRACT_CLASS_CD_1) - lag(sum(RAting_contract_class_cd_1), 1, 0) over (partition by contract_id order by reporting_dt ) as delta

from database

where reporting_dt>='31.12.2019' and RATING_CONTRACT_CLASS_CD_1!='U'

group by reporting_dt, contract_id

order by delta asc


Would be great if you could help me.

Thank you

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Added on Apr 14 2020