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export ddl file suddenly stops

user603182Nov 22 2017 — edited Nov 27 2017

Hi all,

I'm experiencing a strange behaviour in the last version of data modeler ( build 1529) and I don't know if this problem has ever occurred in previous versions.

I have an insert table script of about 8000 lines, which has to be included in the ddl script after table has been created. When I launch "File->Export->DDL file" and begin the export process, it suddenly stops without any visible error. My log file contains lines like this:

[Thread-44] ERROR DDLSelectionDialog - DDLSelectionDialog.OKAction


    at oracle.dbtools.util.Array.indexOf(

    at oracle.dbtools.util.Array.indexOf(

    at oracle.dbtools.util.Array.indexOf(

If I make the export process without including the "after creation script" of my table, I get no errors and no stops.

This post has been answered by Philip Stoyanov-Oracle on Nov 23 2017
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