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Export Data Pump Take Long Time

user11148900Sep 8 2020 — edited Sep 16 2020


I have database 12.2 installed on AIX and database size is 500 GB

I'm executing Backup daily @ night using Export Data Pump

The backup take around 5 Hours to finish, i need to decrease the time as much as possible, i need your support to do so.

I have checked the EXP Log and found one table take around 4 hours and 30 minutes while exporting.

the table contains two columns of data types (VARCHAR2(255 BYTE) & XMLTYPE)

below script that i'm using:

export now=`date +"%d-%m-%Y"`

expdp Prod/Prod@orcl directory=BACKUP_DIR dumpfile=Production_Backup_$now%u.DMP logfile=Production_Backup_Log_$now.log METRICS=y EXCLUDE=statistics,TABLE:\"IN \(\'Users\'\)\" direct=y filesize=50G  cluster=n parallel=8

Do i need to change in stream pool parameter as it is set to 128M?

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Added on Sep 8 2020