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Executing the program from the IDE

ONEEYEMANNov 14 2020

Hi, ALL,
I successfully build my program under SS 12.6 Oracle Solaris 11.4. Program is written in C++
The program contains of one binary executable and couple of so libraries.

It is a port of the program I am writing and developing for Windows, *nix and Mac.

Now, when I try to run it from the IDE, I am getting the error "Can't load the so library".
I know that on Linux (I use Anjuta there) I need to install the binary in order to run it, since Anuta by default is looking in the /usr/{local/}lib to load the dynamic libraries (so).

So my question is - should I also somehow run the "Install project" from the IDE in order to run it? Or I there is something I am missing?

Thank you.

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Added on Nov 14 2020