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Executing Outline Load Utility using Jython

JanGLiMay 3 2017 — edited May 4 2017


I have created a jython script which will call my linux shell script which will further call outline load utility.

I am able to run this script successfully on OS level.

But when i execute my jython script from, outline load utility isn't working as it is supposed to work.

This is my outline utility command that i am using

. /u01/hyperion/application/user_projects/epmsystem1/Planning/planning1/ -f:/u01/hyperion/fdmee_custom/PROD_FEED_AND_FUEL/PASSWORD.txt /A:HypUAT1 /U:sarmad /M /I:/u01/hyperion/fdmee_custom/PROD_FEED_AND_FUEL/"$filename.csv" /D:Account /TR /X:/u01/hyperion/fdmee_custom/PROD_FEED_AND_FUEL/"$filename1.exc" /L:/u01/hyperion/fdmee_custom/PROD_FEED_AND_FUEL/"$filename1.log" >> /u01/hyperion/fdmee_custom/PROD_FEED_AND_FUEL/"$filename.log"

Nothing is being written in the file. I edit the outline load utility to echo a text, which it did. So is being executed but not properly.


Hyperion Planning:


This post has been answered by JanGLi on May 4 2017
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