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exception handling witch customized message instead of Error in DML

Bao TianJul 8 2014 — edited Jul 9 2014

Hello experts

can somebody give me an example for an exception handling?

I'm using APEX in my company and have a master table named "customer" with a field/coulmn "company"

which only allows 50 characters.

How I can create an exception if somebody enters >50 characters into master table form to the field "customer" so

the user will see a customized message instead of system error like

ORA-20505: Error in DML: p_rowid=50043, p_alt_rowid=ID, p_rowid2=, p_alt_rowid2=. ORA-12899: value too large for column "TEST"."CUSTOMER"."COMPANY" (actual: 89, maximum: 50)


Thanks for any advice.

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