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Exadata - Any side effects on smart scan and storage index?

swethphoenixJun 12 2020 — edited Jun 15 2020

Greetings All,

We are using Exadata6 and for our application [OLTP] we have a requirement to use a table with 100 million rows. The table is straight forward with 30 columns of varchar2 data type  [no blob/clob]. We dont have any index defined for the table. We are querying this table [100 million rows] with few conditions and we noticed our response is good(with in a sec) and explain plan shows storage full scan. We did a load testing by inserts and updates happening in background and multiple searches concurrently. 5000 searches per 5 mins and we continued this for 15 mins. The response is good even.

Question : Is there any side effects of purely going with storage index - will this have any effects on CPU/Memory. We are in a shared database , will this impact others?

Kindly advise.


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Added on Jun 12 2020