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Establishing a Mobile Security Architecture - eBook Download

Greg Jensen-OracleMar 10 2015 — edited Mar 10 2015

As mentioned on the IDM Architect Forum call last month, we have released a new Mobile Security eBook called "Establishing a Mobile Security Architecture". This new eBook provides a deeper understanding of not only the fundamentals, but also the complex issues related to mobile security in today’s corporate mobility environment. If you maintain the role of a mobility planner, security architect, CISO, security director, IT director, operations manager or just simply want to better understand the best application of technologies for each area of mobility within your organization and how to reduce risk, then download this free copy of "Establishing a Mobile Security Architecture".


Some of the areas covered in this eBook:

  • A look at the changing mobile and business requirements
  • Deep dive in the technologies used to secure the mobile platform today
  • Containerization and application management
  • The role Identity Management plays on the mobile device
  • The broader view of securing the mobile stack

Register now for your free copy of the "Establishing a Mobile Security Architecture" eBook.

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