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ESSO-LM Template for Web App with <select> tag

Ondrej LeblDec 9 2013

Hi everyone,

I am tasked with creating a template for a web application and the desired behaviour is that when logging into the application the language will be selected from <select> list.

It seems that the ESSO only allows to choose from the list only based on the the title="xxx" the xxx between <option>xxx</option> tags (the actual code is <option value="yy" title="xxx">xxx</option>). The problem I face is that the "xxx" string changes based on the language selected (e.g. when English version is selected, xxx values are in English; if German is selected, xxx values are in German; etc.).

Is there any way ESSO can change the language in the list (using the Input Element Type "Select-One") using the value="yy" or do I have to push for the universal, language independent, naming convention for "xxx" string?

Thank you for your time.


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